Festival Lineup

Blocktoberfest 2012 be hitting the streets with a wide array of musical entertainment. The event will feature 3 stages stocked with 18 incredible bands and DJs. Below are the announced acts. More acts will be announced over the coming weeks.
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DJ Q, a Maryland native, refuses to settle for one type of music or technology.
Starting with a love of music at a young age, Q was intrigued by the DJ’s
in the early birth years of Hip-Hop. DJ Q is known for his mash-ups, video
components and his knack for reading a crowd. He tailors his shows on the
fly to satisfy his audiences—a crucial and often overlooked skill.
Transitioning from CDJs to DVJs and now to computer software has allowed
Q to experiment with various effects, while never fearing to try new things.
Often credited and recognized as a unique and versatile entertainer and
called “a chameleon of the music industry” for his ability to adapt to whatever
environment he plays in. Whether he is playing Commercial House, Hip-Hop,
Old School, Pop, Top 40 or Rock you won’t believe your ears! Thanks to a brief
residency at a local Rock venue, Q discovered a love for a completely different
side of music than the one he grew up with. Fusing this style of music with
well over a decade of experience he quickly became known as one of the East
Coast’s most sought after “Mash-Up” artists. It was this reputation, along
with the fact that he is among the few Video DJs, which landed him a spot at
Seacrets – Jamaica USA, a club ranked #8 in the U.S.
Primarily based in Maryland, DJ Q spins regularly at some of the hottest
downtown clubs in the DMV area . He has also has begun performing several
guest spots nationwide in order to feed his desire to conquer new challenges.
Armed with the latest audio and video as well as over a decade of experience,
Q brings it all together live so you can SEE and HEAR the performance. If you’re
ready for some eye candy from an artist that truly entertains the crowd, then
say hello to the future of DJ entertainment. The Notorious VIDEO DJ Q!

Web Site: www.GetSomeQ.com