Festival Lineup

Blocktoberfest 2012 be hitting the streets with a wide array of musical entertainment. The event will feature 3 stages stocked with 18 incredible bands and DJs. Below are the announced acts. More acts will be announced over the coming weeks.
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DJ Rene

Dj Rene ( Re-Knee ) is best known for his eclectic style of quick mixes that transcend from the ol school original style of mixing to the new ever changing art of mixing and scratching. His journey in to music started at an early age when he used to grab straws pretend they were drumsticks and try to keep beat with the variety of music he was exposed to . At age 15 he started to play music for his own birthday party and was soon hooked on the energy he was able to provide . He has gone on to spin at some of the biggest social events in the U.S. and opened for some of the best international Dj's.

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