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Blocktoberfest 2012 be hitting the streets with a wide array of musical entertainment. The event will feature 3 stages stocked with 18 incredible bands and DJs. Below are the announced acts. More acts will be announced over the coming weeks.
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Doug Segree & Eric Scott (VIP)

Doug Segree-
There is no question of Doug Segree's genuine enthusiasm and love for making music. A talented musician out of Annapolis, MD, he speaks to his audience through acoustic guitars and spirited vocals. People are drawn to the melodic nature of his music - great songs about life, sung with conviction and performed with true passion.

He began his music career as a regular performer at local college bars in and around Gainesville, Florida while receiving his MBA at the University of Florida in 1994. The world of business took a backseat as he began fulfilling his love for performing and entertaining that has taken him to stages throughout the country.

Doug has been a mainstay performer in the Mid-Atlantic region over the last fifteen years. He and his band have been playing the fifth quarter club level parties at every Washington Redskin home game at Fed-Ex Field, along with performances at Washington Wizards games at The Verizon Center. He has been a part of a "Dewey Tradition" for the past fourteen summers, playing “Suicide Sunday” afternoon deck parties at the world famous Starboard in Dewey Beach, DE.

Eric Scott

Washington, D.C. area musician Eric Scott has to date enjoyed a varied and interesting musical journey. As a touring bassist and vocalist, Scott has performed on numerous stages throughout Europe, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, and the entire United States. This journey has led to sharing the stage with artist's as diverse as James Brown, B.B. King, and Ray Charles to Little Feat, Kansas, The Neville Brothers, Jimmy Buffett, and Keb' Mo'.

During his long history as a sideman, songwriter and session musician, Scott has also released two solo records, DIVINE STATIC (1999), and LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE FOOLS (2002), to critical acclaim. About "Let's Hear It For The Fools," the Washington Post says "Whip smart...hard to resist...clearly the work of a pop artist talented and resourceful enough to stand on his own."

The journey continues today with Scott's third release RED (Fall 2007), easily his most powerful and focused release to date. Of RED, Scott says "this is the record I've always hoped to make...it just took me awhile to get there. I feel like I've arrived at a place musically that feels like home to me."

With influences blurring the lines of neo-soul, pop, funk, rock, and even gospel, Scott has arrived at a sound that is uniquely his own. RED profoundly showcases his continued maturation and growth as a songwriter, artist, and performer...with 13 original American soul/pop stories all keenly observant of today's world.

"When I started writing the songs for RED, I kind of surprised myself after a while because of the subject matter I was writing about," says Scott. "I was really affected by what was going on in the world, and it was coming out in the songs. I didn't make a conscious decision to write about this stuff, it just happened, so I went with it." This sentiment can clearly be heard in the percussion driven track "These Are The Craziest of Times," an upbeat and infectious tune whose breeziness belies the haunting state-of-the-world lyrics underneath.

As RED writing sessions continued, it became obvious that brutal honesty was needed to write about other themes that were emerging...themes that were previously off limits. "On my two previous releases, I'd written about love and relationships, finding one's self, even child abuse. But there was still a lot of stuff in my life that I was reluctant to write about," says Scott. Digging deeper, Scott soon realized he had to bear his soul without compromise or fear to complete the project. Thus, RED was born.

As a result, the songs on RED are haunted by the ghosts of addiction and loss, social commentary, relationships, and spirituality. The soul influenced title track "Red" tells the auto-biographical story of a bi-racial kid who grows up uncomfortable in his own skin. Yet, he continues to observe that people are just people regardless of race or belief, and he remains hopeful that one day everyone else will agree with him. Says Scott, "A friend recently said to me about RED...thanks for bringing it back to what really matters most...people. I appreciated that."

However, not all is so heavy on RED. "I didn't want this album to be so serious from front to back. It really just parallels my life...sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm not...but I'm always gonna be honest." Witness the toe-tapping old school soul of "Do Over" and "Welcome To My Day," or the funky feel good blues of "I'm Into You."

The album ends with the soul searching spiritual ballad "Lay It On The Cross." With the help of co-producer Scott Smith, the production of RED is uncluttered, and driven by guitarist Mike Stacey's percussive acoustic playing, and drummer John Thomakos' ferocious grooves. The vocal is front and center and passionately delivered.

Call it acoustic/soul/pop/singer/songwriter/funk/blues/gospel/groove music. "Something like that," he says. "I'll let others figure out where it fits."

Scott grew up listening to everything from Black Sabbath, Rush, AC/DC, and Motorhead to Marvin Gaye, Nat King Cole, The Temptations, ELO, Elton John, Hall and Oates, Joe Jackson, to Les McCann, Wes Montgomery, and Dave Brubeck.

"My mom's record collection was fierce. I consumed everything. But I've always been fascinated by concise songs with depth that allow the listener to paint a very clear picture in their mind." Says Scott, "I think my love of old school soul and lyrical storytelling really guided me on this record."

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