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Blocktoberfest 2012 be hitting the streets with a wide array of musical entertainment. The event will feature 3 stages stocked with 18 incredible bands and DJs. Below are the announced acts. More acts will be announced over the coming weeks.
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Jen Lasher

One night, in her hometown of Washington, DC, Jen Lasher, a young girl at the time, was exposed to something that would change her life forever. From a very early age Jen was introduced to classical music through her piano training, which began at the tender age of 7 igniting the musical spark within her. She loved everything from the period and beyond embracing classical music, opera and theater from artists such as Bach and Mozart and her favorite musical, Phantom of the Opera.

Jump ahead to age 14, just 7 years later.

Some friends took Jen to a new type of musical gathering where she quickly fell in love. She experienced for the first time a symbiosis of lights, rhythmic music, and a pulsating crowd driven by the universal consciousness that quickly became a part of her. This intoxicating sound consumed the young musician with a fresh understanding and deeper passion for music.

After seeing many DJ performances from a dancer's perspective, Jen quickly realized that she belonged behind the decks. Buying turntables and teaching herself to mix, she ambitiously pursued her new craft.

By the age of 19 Jen had already toured throughout the US and was gaining international recognition. She also had frequent performances at the World-renowned Buzz nightclub (Washington, DC) and was offered her first residency by Lonnie Fisher’s Ultraworld Productions at club Sonar in Baltimore, MD.

Jen also fell in love w/ Goth/Industrial music that created a nice balance and landed her a second residency @ Alchemy in DC. It remains one of the biggest nights in the country for the Goth/Industrial genre bringing such names as VNV Nation, Covenant, Shiny Toy Guns, Combichrist, and many more. This gave Jen an opportunity to play alongside some of the biggest names in the scene. Also to develop her diverse musical style while gaining experience throwing large events and booking bands.

As a result of her early DJ travels Jen developed a deep friendship w/ DJ Icey and Baby Anne. They encouraged Jen to pursue her dream of making music by supporting her on tour, working with her in the studio, and inviting her to join Icey's label Zone Records Inc. In the studio, Jen co-wrote and sang on Dj Icey's CDs "Different Day" on System Recordings as well as the closing track on his latest CD release "Disco Rodeo" on Moist Music. She and Baby Anne had a billboard-charted CD of their own, "Assault and Battery," on System Recordings which included Jen's driving Industrial influenced single "No More Tears." This year after branching out to work in the studio with Glitch and Tommie Sunshine, their track "Emotion Commotion" landed on Tommie's latest CD "Ultra Rock Remixed" on Ultra Records.

Jen has made quite a stride becoming one of America's most beloved electronic artists. With her unique style both in appearance and live vocal performance/DJ Sets she continuously shows that she is a step up on the competition. It has been a few years since her humble beginnings and she now has racked up a nice list of productions/ co productions and vocal performances. Jen Lasher is a music monster and she is poised to take over the world in the not so distant future. Guaranteed to make the crowds lose control and fall in love w/ her at the same time. Put this all together and you have something that the whole world can, and soon will love.

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